enviro design for packaging, Ecology married to economy

enviro design for packaging, Ecology married to economy

Packages are coming under increasing criticism among consumers and the media – particularly  when they are made of plastic. After all, valuable and important  as plastics indubitably are for the protection, transportation, and consumption of beverages: the global waste problem and the increasing scarcity of resources are casting their shadows on the use of this material. Three paramount questions are therefore gaining in perceived importance Firstly: how do the different types of packaging impact on the natural environment? Secondly: in what relation does this impact stand to the function and utility of the package concerned? And thirdly: which package creates the greatest advantage for which application – for producers, consumers and the natural environment alike?

enviro Design aims to minimise the environmental impact of packages. Photo credit: Melissa Schreiner, Krones AG


In order to find specific answers to these complex and multi-layered questions, Krones is extending its enviro sustainability programme: besides machines, lines, and technical  systems, in future innovative packaging solutions developed  by Krones will be assessed and certified against enviro criteria. The overriding goal  of enviro designs is to minimise the concomitant environmental impact. This includes both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving the eco-system and biodiversity. The associated criterion listing is currently being drawn up by our enviro Officer. As with the existing enviro system, this is being done on close consultative liaison with the TÜV SOUTH technical inspectorate as an objective appraiser. The listing is based not only on the relevant statutory requirements, but also on clients’ stipulations and eco-design guidelines from associations and institutes.


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