Liquibox expands new recycle-ready flexible packaging offering to global markets

Award-winning Liquipure® ultra mono-material flexible packaging will now be available to customers across the globe. Successfully introduced in the U.S. last year, this game-changing bag-in-box solution will now also be produced at Liquibox bag manufacturing sites in the EMEA and APAC regions to meet the global demand for sustainable packaging for all liquid products.

As it stands, most bag-in-box solutions are non-recyclable due to the multi-material laminates—but Liquibox is changing the status quo. Liquipure, a new line of mono-material bag-in-box solutions from Liquibox, is designed to meet recyclability guidelines. In addition, Liquipure flexible packaging saves a considerable amount of plastic from the landfill and helps FMCG companies meet their sustainability goals. These recycle-ready, lamination-free bags not only reduce environmental impact, but they also provide better drop and flex crack performance and offer improved sealing, OTR (oxygen transmission rate) performance and fill line efficiency.

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